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What and how I would like to teach you

Teaching the recorder has become a great passion for me. To share my love for the music and the recorder is one of the main reasons why I have been doing this for more than 18 years. I can ensure you, that I use the compilation of the best methods I‘ve seen along this long journey of my own learning process. 

Starting with small kids who love to learn through games, my main goal is to open for them a door to this amazing musical world. What is very important is to teach them to make music with joy and it should remain like this forever. 

Teaching students who are already on a path leading to be professionals, I concentrate on topics like good practising habits, secure technique, rich and open sound and musical expression.

Working with recorder teachers who still want to learn and improve, I mainly bring a new inspiration and freshness to their own methods.

Each level has its own specifications and the variety of students makes this work very colorful for me. 

"Why I love to teach?
It‘s one of many ways  to share my love for the music.

We recorder players and teachers are very lucky nowadays. We have such an enormous materials of suitable music pieces both historical and contemporary music for recorders. Furthermore, everything is so easy to access. We have now modern textbooks for kids, inspiring recordings of renowned recorder players and beautiful instruments with good sound. These materials gives us a lot of possibilities. Together we can start to explore a recorder world using modern tools. Recently, using the delay effect has become my interest together with minimalistic improvisation. Additionally, improvisation is part of my personal teaching speciality which I love to both perform and teach.

"I like to use improvisation during my concerts
and I like to teach this
my students

How to get started
The only thing you need in order to learn new things is your desire and willingness to work with passion for what you are doing. If you make a decision to start, do not hesitate to contact me. We can work at my home studio which is located in a beautiful small village in Vranov (15 minutes from Brno) or via skype if you are from abroad. You can become my student at Music School Brno (ZUŠ V. Kaprálové) or at Brno Conservatory. You can also attend my class at a regular summer course in Bystřice - Bystřicka flétna. I can teach in Czech, English, Italian, German or Polish.

" The only thing
you need is your desire and willingness to work with passion

My teaching methods
  • I use the compilation of the best methods I‘ve seen along the journey of my own learning process.
  • I teach kids most of the time through the games or through a creative way.
  • I will teach you how to improvise and play your own songs.
  • What really matters to me is to teach you to be relaxed and free while playing, to have a good posture, breathing, tonguing.
  •  I will try to guide you, so that you can find solutions on how to get through difficulties.
  • If you are teacher looking for any advices, I would love to work with you because you will pass your knowledges to many students.
  • I will look together with you to discover your favourite repertoire.
  • We can explore the delay effect and new technologies such as the electro-acoustic to use in creating pieces which sounds astonishing.
  • The most important aspect is it does not matter if you play a simple scale or a Bach Sonata, I‘d like to show you, that we make music to be happy so that we can also transmit this joy to others.

"We make music to be happy and that is what I would love to teach  you."

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