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kalendář koncertů

Home concert

Domácí koncerty

... is a pleasant and unconventional meeting with music and friends.

Do you want to experience the sound of live music performed by a chamber duo or solo in your own house and not just from a CD player or Spotify?

Not only a unique experience of beautiful music awaits you, but thanks to the accompanying word, you will also learn a lot of interesting things about the songs you will hear. In the varied program called Travelling with Flutes, you can hear classical music, but also other genres. In the process, I will change about 12 types of flutes, including the so-called World flutes. All this in the comfort of home.


  • agree with me on a date, program and other details

  • invite about 10-30 guests, if the concert will be in the summer and in the garden, then the number is almost unlimited :)

  • provide less entertainment, often visitors will be happy to bring something small

  • Admission is voluntary and is usually dedicated to the entire artist


And you are ready, all that remains is to look forward to a beautiful experience. I have given a number of concerts and satisfied domestic listeners and I look forward to the next one coming to you soon.

Martina Komínková Domácí koncert 6_2020


Flautas de Colores

is a recorder quartet from Brno and its history begun in the year 2010. Its members are Pavla Ryšavá, Helena Šimíková, Anna Todorová and Martina Komínková who is also artistic director of the ensemble.
Our repertoire includes compositions from middle age, renaissance, baroque, some are also written in modern genres (e.g. minimalism, jazz or folklore) and part of the repertoire also includes many interesting arrangements (e. g. Take five by P. Desmond).
Our goal is to show that recorder can be an instrument for professionals. During concerts, the four players alter between all sorts of recorders, from soprano recorders to bass recorders. Ensemble is characteristic by its lively performance, not beeing afraid of improvisation nor adding other elements such as singing.
Joy and playfulness on one side, concentration on the other, for even silence could have its place and the listener could after concert leave with a pleasant enjoyment.

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Flautas de Colores 92.jpg
Duetto nuovo

is composed of two experienced chamber players Jaromir Zamecnik, playing the bayan, and Martina Kominkova, playing flutes.

Duetto was founded in 2013 with the aim of providing listeners with the unusual instrumental combination of a recorder and bayan. This ensemble goes for an encounter of two contradictory instruments; one belonging to the historically oldest instrument and the second belonging to a more recent or younger instrument .

What they have in common is a wide range of colourful sound possibilities which brings a unique musical experience to the listeners, for example, by presenting compositions from their original literatures and by adapting folk music originating from the Balkans.


The recorder has a long music history and therefore, offers a great range of solo pieces. My solo programme consists of various pieces which start off with music from the Middle Ages, then continues with a Bach Solo partita, followed by an entertaining Irish Reel. It then concludes with contemporary pieces some of which makes use of electro acoustics.

What gives me great pleasure these days is the use of the delay effect for improvising pieces in a minimalistic style and this has been included in my programme.

Martina Komínková-51.jpg
A soloist with the Czech Virtuosi orchestra

Our cooperation with the Czech Virtuosi chamber orchestra started five years ago. Since then we played programmes presenting Baroque pieces as well as contemporary pieces by Italian composer Fulvio Caldini. 
Recently we have performed Bach Brandenburg concerto with Anna Todorova, the recorder player, as a guest.

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Plaisirs de Musique

Founded in 2013, the ensemble Plaisirs de Musique is specialized in authentic performance of music from older periods on period instruments. Its members are leading European professional musicians specializing in early music, as well as singers, actors and dancers. Projects of  Plaisirs de Musique are made under the artistic direction of Jan Čižmář in collaboration with experts in historical dance and theater.

The ensemble Plaisirs de Musique performs at major music festivals, as well as private or corporate events. Part of the programme also offers educational events and concerts for children. Future plans include promoting its own concert series as well as intense concert and recording activities in the Czech Republic and abroad.

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