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If you like my music and you would like to share it with others, together with me you can:

  • invite your friends to my concerts

  • share my videos and audio

  • buy the CD "Pall Mall" of our quartet Flautas de Colores

  • donate money to association Hudba v nás, which support my artistic life.
    Thanks to your support I will::

    • be able to organize more concerts

    • go to workshops and seminars

    • present better my music (video, audio)

    • buy new instrument

  • if you have other ideas I would like to hear from you

I would also like to thank the following:

  • my family, friends and musician colleagues

  • Martin Zeman for quality sound recordings

  • Jan Štindl, Martin Rýznar for music and promo videos

  • Jana Demjanová for image coaching

  • photographers V. Dvořáková from, J. Šuplerová from Fotošuplík, M. Rýznar, M. Boucník and others

  • Martinu Holíkovi and radio Proglas for promotion

  • companies Clarina music, Autofit s.r.o., BIBUS s.r.o.

  • and many others

  • Facebook Martina Komínková
  • YouTube Martina Komínková
  • SoundCloud Martina Komínková
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